Undocumented jumpers on PC Chips M583lmr

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After managing to update the BIOS to latest version using aminf342.exe I observed that it is only possible to set the cpu multiplier of 6 manually. My AMD K6-2+/570ACZ only clocks at 190 MHz when I set FSB to 95 MHz and multiplier to 2 in BIOS's CPU PnP Setup although this cpu should interpret a multiplier setting of 2 as 6.
Slow clock speed was also confirmed with benchmark SuperPi 1.1 (256k):
At 190 MHz it took 2min 39sec and at 550 MHz (5.5 x 100 MHz) it only lasted 1min 15sec.

To achieve multi 6, cpu must be configured with:
- JP1 in the upper left corner of the cpu socket: Multiplier, description for these 3 jumpers (JP1A, JP1B, JP1C) is printed left from PCI1. Multi 2 is interpreted as 6 by cpu as usual.
Additional settings can be made with:
- JP10 left beside ATX power connector: Vcore, description for this 2x4 blue pins is printed between IDE2 and PCI1
- JP2 left beside RAM slots: FSB frequency, description for these 4 jumpers (JP2A, JP2B, JP2C, JP2D) is printed above IDE1
However, these jumper blocks are not present on all boards. See my two boards below. Both are labeled as V1.3!

Then, there is a jumper block called "TEST J6" consisting of 2x3 +1 pins left beside JP10. It is present on both boards but I cannot find anything about its function.

Board with jumpers ----- Board without jumpers
Image Image

Image Image

The manual says:
"Note: Any jumpers on your mainboard that do not appear in this illustration are for testing only."

Okay! I like to do some tests. However, what can I test with these jumpers and how can I test it?
Can you help me to bring some light into it?
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the test J6 is used for factory testing the board. For it to be useful to you, you would need to have the testing hardware that they were using in the factory.

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