How do I set up BIOS to turn on my computer automatically at scheduled time?

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Hello, I am new to this forum and I hope I am in the right place for my question.

I just put together a new desktop with MSI B450M Pro-M2 Max motherboard. I use this PC for my work and let it run all day. I need to make it automatically turn off at midnight, then wake up by itself at 6am in the morning.

I know how to set up Windows task to turn off the PC automatically, but cannot figure how to set up the BIOS to turn on the PC by itself. My old PC used legacy BIOS and I was able to do it. This motherboard uses MSI Click BIOS 5, which I am not familiar with. Here's the link to the BIOS manual: ... IOS_Manual

Can someone give me instructions how to do it? Thanks.
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It does seem to be supported. Look at "Wake up event Setup" and "Resume by RTC Alarm."
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