Wintac-Edom MP017B BIOS latest needed please

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Hi I recently acquired this board and getting weird problems, such as if you set the USER PASSWORD it boots and waits for a pw as if you have set the SUPERVISOR PASSWORD !

Current firmware:
Award BIOS 4.51PG

Searching around it seems there was a 1998 update but any links I found go to 'file not found'.

Running MS-DOS

This user had a similar request: other-bios-update-issues-f29/bios-updat ... t5570.html that appears to be successful several years ago

Can anybody help please?

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Hi flinstone3000,

There is a webpage about the Edom/WinTech MP071 at

You can download the 03/13/98-i430VX-2A59GW09C-01 BIOS for the MP071b there.
Note that this 1998 BIOS is limited to 32GB Harddisks, but it can be patched for 128GB HDD support. Let us know if you need that.

Cheers, BiosMan
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