Using a BIN file to Update my BIOS

Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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My Alienware Area-51 R2 Specs:
  • Intel Core i7-6800K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz.
    64-bit operating system, x64-based processor.
    Windows 10 Home.
    Intel c610 series/X99 chipset (stock).
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (stock).
    Samsung 970 Evo Plus (boot SSD drive w/M.2 to PCIe adapter).
    16GB RAM (stock).
    BIOS A14.
    BIOS Chip: Macronix MX25L12873F.
I need to flash my BIOS again to A14, but I want to do it via the one-time boot menu (F12) and with the A14 BIN file.

I am doing this because I am having issues (takes much longer to boot) with my POST, Windows boot time, and Windows updates along with an incorrect system firmware that a normal BIOS update will not fix. I am also going to do a clean Windows installation right after I update my BIOS.

I have been doing a bunch of research on how to use the A14 BIOS BIN file extracted from the Alienware BIOS exe file from the Dell Support site as the file I can update my BIOS with. I am not very confident so I would love to hear someone who has more knowledge on this as well as my particular device.

I have found that I could use Awdflash on the boot USB and it will update my BIOS to A14 using the BIN file so here I am. However, I cannot find much out there on this.

Here are the contents of the exe file someone kindly extracted for me:
  • a14.bin
My Questions:

1. I am just wondering if I would only need Awdflash and the BIN file along with programming the USB boot drive to Fat32? I saw some other tutorials out there saying I need a bat file but I do not have that. The contents of the exe file do not have it. Would I need any other additional files included in the list above besides the a14.bin file, of course?

2. Is the BIOS Chip: Macronix MX25L12873F compatible with Awdflash?

Thank you in advance for the help or for just taking the time to read this!
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I figured out from a different forum that my BIOS is an AMI so Awdflash is not going to work. Thanks!
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almost a few years late in responding but

you need something like AFUDOS.exe instead of Awdflash.exe to flash update an AMI bios from a bootable usb flash drive

Awdflash is for Award bioses only
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