Dates for Awdflash exe Files

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I am a bit confused about what the new version of Awdflash is. I assume it is the Awdflash 8.99 but the release date next to it throws me off (March 15th, 2010).

Is that the release date of the software itself? I guess I would like to know the release date of each file (or the newest one) so I know I am getting the most up-to-date version.

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yes, 3/15/2010 is the release date of the awdflash.exe v8.99 program itself

attached is a pic of awdflash.exe version 8.99 when viewing the contents of that exe file in the Windows Notepad program.

note: not all 8.xx versions of awdflash have "complete" release dates like 8.96, which is dated 10/31 but does not mention the year next to the Oct. 31 date (maybe 2008?)
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