Would this be possible? (RAM Question)

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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Alrighty... I've got a Gigabyte 7ixe v1.1 mobo. I bought a new PC133 256MB SDRAM stick of RAM today. Now, when I put it in, the computer turns on, and at the "Checking NVRAM..." part of the POST, it just blinks the cursor on the screen. I've determined that the board can handle High-density memory, so I know that that probably isn't the problem. My bus speed is 100MHz, and the multiplier is locked at 8.0. I know that cheap memory isn't a good idea, but the stuff I bought was $40, so I'll just give the specs here...


P/N: CC6432116/256
256MB PC133 168 PIN Unbuffered NON-ECC
Item #: 327313

Also, the manufactorer supplies a lifetime warranty, so I guess I can always get it replaced if I need to.

I was just wondering if it would be possible to change the way the BIOS recognizes the RAM, such as making a false bank, and forceing the BIOS to read half of the memory to one bank, and another half to another, the false bank. I think that this might actually be possible, and if it were written, a lot of people would benifit from it...
If you have any info, just post here.... Oh, and BTW, I'm a computer guru, so just post all those terms, as I'm familiar with about 99% of them... if not more.
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AMd 750 chipset is known to be a little picky with PC-133 SDRAM or too high density RAMs .
Try to exchange your stick to a doublesided 16chip 256MB memory stick .
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