ACPI Bios problem notebook ADVENT 6415

APM/ACPI BIOS questions
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My notebook fairly new..3months old bought in england from stopped operating recently. It came with XP pro and was working fine until recently. Intially it started behaving eratically meaning sometimes it would turn on and XP would run but many times it would halt at POST. Now it does not turn on at all. I can hear the hardrive and fan running.

Few times I got this message on a blue screen "BIOS not fully ACPI complaint....go to to obtain updated bios. ...... press Ff7 to turn off ACPI mode when installing storage device......."

Well since i knew its BIOS problem ..and when i got lucky tonite to get the system atleast display the bios information i wrote it down..

BIOS ver 2009DIX Release 11/21/2001
AMI 62-0213-009999-00101111-071592-SIS630 1AAOG008-W

Need help what to do??
Thank you
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If it's 3 months old and bought as a complete system, get it fixed under warranty (or fitness for purpose under the Sale of Goods Act). If it was increasingly flakey and now will not POST reliably, you probably have a problem somewhere in the area of PSU/memory/CPU/cooling/motherboard and fiddling with it yourself will invalidate warranty. I don't think the BIOS is really the problem, and trying to re-flash the BIOS it on a system which is flakey is very dodgy - and also could invalidate your warranty.

If you assembled it yourself from parts, the first thing to do is change the BIOS settings to "safest" or "BIOS default" or the picture of the tortoise if it's an AMI WinBIOS. This should give you the most conservative settings with the best chance of booting.
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