Away mode Modification on Award bios?

APM/ACPI BIOS questions
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Has anyone worked with this ? for AMD Live
this is the information I have for adding this function

How To Add AMD LIVE! Support In The BIOS

The BIOS need to provide the following ACPI object (device), in order to be compliant with AMD LIVE! mode.
// define AWAY Mode device
Device (\AWY) {
Name (_HID, "AWY0001") // AWAY Mode device

The BIOS must also implement AWAY Mode’s Set Mode (SMOD) control method. This SMOD control method notifies the BIOS that the computer is entering or leaving AMD LIVE! mode, enabling the BIOS to control aspects of the computer such as fan speed or the LED. This method must be defined as follows:

Method (SMOD, 1) { // Set Mode Method
Mode = 1: ON
Mode = 0: Away

Platform vendors can either put the AWAY Mode device under DSDT or under SSDT. This device is supposed to go under system bus under ACPI namespace.

An ASL SSDT implementation of AWAY mode is as follows. The OEM can cut and paste the following and include it in their BIOS to support MCE AWAY Mode
DefinitionBlock (
"ACPISSDT.AML", // Output file
"SSDT", // Signature
0x01, // DSDT Revision
"AMD", // OEM ID
0x1000 // OEM Revision

Scope(\_SB) {
Device(AWY) {
Name(_HID,"AWY0001") // Away Mode device
Method(SMOD,1) {
} // end of AWY
} // end of _SB

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Ask your motherboard manufacturer to put it in their bioses, it's not just software you need for supporting this...

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