APM/ACPI BIOS questions
#18156 by Armand
Sun Jul 20, 2003 2:48 am
At first I had the problem that the "You can turn off the Computer now" screen showed up when I used the Windows XP shutdown-button, so i used a tool called shutdownking, which worked pretty well and solved the problem. Then i wanted my Power-Button on the Computer-case to shut down the computer the same way, the options in the XP-energymanagement simply were not where they used to be, and so i took a look at my bios. The available options there were "suspend" which simply cut power after pressing the button for a few seconds or "On/Off" which cut the power immiedietly, but no controled shutdown, so I flashed my ami-bios to V1.6 (got it from the msi-page), with the hope that there would be more options available. after that the shutdownking just reboots the system when i press shutdown, windows stays by the same "turn off the computer now"-screen, and the case-button just does the same as before. Is there any possibility to get a pure shutdown&poweroff through windows and the case-button?

PS.: if not, please tell me where i can find older ami-bios-version which fit my board, maybe then at least the shutdownking would do his again.