APM/ACPI BIOS questions
#6070 by KachiWachi
Thu Aug 01, 2002 3:49 pm
Not really a problem per se, but more a *how does it work?*.

I was wondering how the BIOS Power Management settings work in conjunction with the Win98SE Control Panel function.

The AWARD BIOS (in my case) has many settings within it in order to set the various functions, including Video Off method, HD shutdown, CPU Shutdown, and Power Down/Wake-up Events. The Win98SE Control Panel shows only Monitor Off, HD Off, and Standby/Suspend.

I would assume if there is no Windows function available, the BIOS would take over at the settings you provide and supply all Power Management Function through itself.

Now we add the Windows Control Panel feature...

My question is, how does one set both to make sure things work correctly? I would assume if there is a time function, both should be set to the same time (ie: don't set BIOS HD Shutdown to 15 mins and Control Panel to either 5 or 30 mins). What would happen if you didn't...who takes control? For the CPU, I have Doze, Standby and Suspend...how does that equate to the Control Panel function which only says System Standby (is that Doze, Standby, or Suspend??)

Any help here, or a place to find out how this all works, would be great.

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