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APM/ACPI BIOS questions
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i've been working on this project to make my own arcade machine, i've managed to weed out most of the bugs in it. now i asked someone if there was a way that i can turn my computer on by flipping a switch on a power surge protector, (or a custom switch i'm building) he told me something about 'bios options' i never heard of bios, but he gave me a simple beginner's FAQ to follow ( it doesn't seem that complicated for what im trying to do. but when i go to the ADVANCED tab on my bios option thing, i dont see any kind of option for "advanced bios features" so i can go under my power management settings, infact it looks like i'm pretty limited in the bios menu, i only have the following options under my advanced tab

Boot Configuaration
-reset config data
-numlock on

Periph Configuaration

IDE Configuaration

event log configuaration

video configuaration

********** the computer i've been looking on is a Windows 98SE, i was just using this computer for practice, when i became familiar with the menu's i've checked under the options of my primary computer which is a windows XP; (gateway e-4000) and i saw more options, but not much of anything to actually customize the power settings. (yes ive checked under the Boot tab, along with the rest of the tabs) am i missing a step or not doing something right?, do i just not have those options in my bios? is there a way where i can some how unlock those? i was planning on buying a new computer for the project im doing, any suggestions on what computer might have these settings?, i'm sure after a little studying from helpful people i could be a BIOS Guru, but right now im only interested in turning my computer off and on by disrupting the circuit using some sort of switch, like one you would find on a power surge protector, can someone PLEASE HELP?!, im absolutely desperate here. i've talked to some computer technicians that sell computers for a living ,and some didnt even know that this power option was possible. thanks :)
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You can derivate a line from the two wires that go to the power on button. This new line, composed by 2 wires is linked in parallel mode on the original line. So you will replicate the power button on a new button.

There isn't any BIOS settings that permit this, you must create the appropriate circuit.
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Some people strip front panel wires of old cases before tossing them. Then you might have the appropriate wire and button handy when one is required.
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Check under Power Management for a heading like "State After Power Failure" or similar if this option is available and turned on when power is restored (switched on) the machine will boot up

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That is correct. Look for that BIOS option. I know that Intel chipsets support this feature (since like 1999) and it is up to the BIOS vendor ro implement it. What is the chipset you are using? Motherboard?
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