APM/ACPI BIOS questions
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#29262 by Nivuahc
Sun Jan 23, 2005 12:42 am

I have spent the past several hours trying to figure out, simply, which mobo I have. I know that it's an Intel motherboard and I am sure that it is either an Anaheim-3 or a Whitney System CR. That, however doesn't help me much.

Let me explain the problem I'm having and maybe one of you can tell me what I need to do in order to fix this problem.

A co-worker had an eMachine T1100 on his desk and, not long after upgrading to XP SP2 his machine started acting strange. It would, periodically, simply shutdown for no reason.

I initially thought that he was having a power supply problem so I put another one in. That didn't seem to do the trick.

I loaded Knoppix on his machine and let it run for several hours. Not once did it power down on him so I figured that, perhaps, he was having a software problem. I re-installed XP Pro and upgraded to SP2 via the Micro$oft site.

About an hour after that, what do you know, his computer shutdown for no reason.

My boss' decision (which is pretty common in a situation like this and, I have to say, much to my liking) is to forget about it and buy a new computer. His reasoning is that, for all of the time that I could spend trying to fix that one and my co-worker would be sans computer, it would less expensive to just buy him a new one. As an added bonus (for me) my boss lets me have all of the 'broken' computers to take home for parts.

Well I took this machine home and agreed to try and fix it for my co-worker. He can't afford a home computer and I've already got 7 of them so I don't mind that kind of thing.

I brought it home, jacked up the RAM to 512MB, put in a larger (30GB) hard drive and decided to install XP SP2 straight from CD.

I get an error during install that tells me that the BIOS on this computer is not fully ACPI compliant. It recommends that I upgrade my BIOS or disable it by hitting the F7 key when setup starts again.

I try disabling it first because, who wants to go around flashing a BIOS if you don't have to? Anyway... it gets much further in the setup process when ACPI is disabled but, when it gets to the point where it tells me "Starting Windows" it halts and tells me that it cannot continue because it can't find a keyboard attached to my computer.

Well, I decided to disable ACPI in the BIOS directly instead of using the Micro$oft solution and, would you believe it, I get that same 'no keyboard found' error.

So I try the setup again, this time with ACPI enabled, and I get my 'BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant' message.

So, what the heck, I'll flash the BIOS.

After several hours of useless attempts at trying to identify, with any specifics, my BIOS 'number/version/ID/whatever' I finally managed to get this bit of information using ASTRA:

Mobo: Intel Whitney System CR
BIOS: Phoenix 31571.EM.0000.D.0108291038

Well, a quick look at Intel's website for a BIOS upgrade and I should be good to go.


All of the motherboards listed on Intel's website are listed by a number, which I can't seem to find anywhere. This, from what I understand, is pretty important because I don't want to render this machine completely unusable.

Further searching leads me to find that the 31571.EM in the BIOS ID tells me that this is an Anaheim-3 mobo in an eMachines PC. Now that goes directly against what ASTRA tells me... but I'll keep looking anyway.

I found quite a few BIOS ID's that start out

but the 0108291038 part?

Can't find that anywhere.

And, after hours of frustration, I've decided to ask someone who probably knows more than I.

So... any help here would be hot.

Thanks in advance.