K7 Pro boot probs

APM/ACPI BIOS questions
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I am troubleshooting a board for a friend.

MSI K7 Pro + AMD K7-600MHz Slot 'A'

What happens is the board boots, then mysteriously shuts off. seems to stay on shorter periods of time if I restart it within a short period of time.

I have checked all heat issues...everything fine.

CPU is Fine

RAM is fine

Video is fine

PSU fine

...all checked seperately in other boards. I dont have another slot a cpu to test on the board though.

I am only using video/cpu/Ram to boot up

I have no idea what else to try...I even checked for cold-solder joints...nothing

any input would be greatly appreciated

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Usual aspact is PSU and FAN .
The Athlon 600 Slot-A needs a huge amount of powhlon especially on boot-up - maybe the PSU does not have enough power anymore .
Or your CPU-Fan is not working OK so Fan-monitoring shut down your system
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