APM/ACPI BIOS questions
#58219 by ScheenSingen
Mon May 28, 2012 8:43 am

I have aLaptop with Win98. In the Power Management I can set an option to
"turn off the hard drive after 3 mins".

Three minutes is the minimum setting in Win98.

But I want to "turn off the hard drive" after 1 minute!

In the internet I found an info there is a port called "ATAIDLE". It
programs the HDD to spin down after a specified timeout.

Is there an Win98 API to write a value to the hard disk?

I have also found a program called "automounter" but it's for FreeBSD and not for Windows.

"ATAidle sets the idle timer on ATA hard drives, so they spin down when the period of inactivity has expired."