512/pc133 SDRAM showing as 128mb on Jetway 993AN Mobo

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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Hello all,

Just bought (2) 512mb pc133 double-sided (16 chips) SDRAM. Mobo has 3 dimm sockets and hold up to 1.5 gig (3 - 512 dimms) - per mobo site. I have the latest bios upgrade from mobo website installed.
Manufacture I bought memory from states "bios needs to be updated to support (64x4) new standard. Does anyone know where I can get this later bios update and if it will support this "new standard"? And what exactly is this new standard?
Below is my system info:

Mobo - Jetway 993AN
Bios type - Award v4.51PGN
Bios ID - 10/11/2000-693-596-ITE86-2A6LGJ1HC
One last thing - esupport.com says they have a later bios upgrade that "should" fix my problem - the word "should" bothers me, at a cost of $60 for the new bios, I want to make sure it will work. Anybody use their services?

Thanks for the help
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Nearly no chance for a VIA 693 chipset to support these 512MB sticks
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