Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
#49824 by magnastik
Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:15 am

I've a xCube from Aopen, the model is EZ661 with a AOpen s661FXm(-S) / s661FXm-7(S) / s661FXm-FSN motherboard.
In the specs sheet it says it can support 2gb DDR400, so i bought a 2x1GB ddr400 from eBay to place instead of my 2x512mb.

But now i've a problem.. when i tried to install the 2 dimms and boot i hear a a long beep, and then again... and ....

I tried just 1gb dimm but the result is the same.

I flashed the bios to (i believe) latest aopen version (from aopen ftp).
The problem remained.

In bios changed the RAM speed from 400mhz to 333Mhz and it booted but only recognize 512mb and then when starting to load Windows Vista it boots again, and if i try to go in Safe mode i get a blue screen, and it says "Dumping Physical Memory" or something like that.

So, i would like some help to go through this.

Here is the specs of my xcube: ... 1-eg-e.pdf (the bottom right one, UX661)

The online eSupport Scan gave me this results:
Computer name: XCUBE
BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award
BIOS Date: July 28th 2006
BIOS ID: 07/28/2006-SiS-661FX-6A7I4AB9C-00-None
BIOS OEM: EZ661 R1.11 Jul.28.2006 AOpen Inc. - 6.00 PG
Chipset: SiS 661 rev 17
SuperIO: Winbond 697HF rev 2 at port 002E
Manufacturer: AOpen (info from Everest)
Motherboard: AOpen s661FXm(-S) / s661FXm-7(S) / s661FXm-FSN (info from Everest)
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1.0
Maximum Memory: 4096MB (Now i got confused!!!! I thought i was only 2Gb of max RAM???)
Installed Memory: 1024MB
Memory Config: Slot1:512 Slot2:512

The 2x1Gb ram DDR400 that i purchased specs are: (this info is from this URL in eBay -> ... TQ:ES:1123)

1GB DDR 400MHz, PC3200, 2.5V, Non-Parity, Non-ECC, 184-pin

DDR memory, or Double Data Rate memory, is an evolutionary new memory technology that doubles data throughput to the processor. As an evolution of today’s PC133 SDRAM, DDR leverages the existing production and environment to provide unrivaled PC performance at an affordable price.

Specifications:1GB 400MHZ 184PIN DDR Memory, No-ECC. Higher performance over mainstream PC100 or PC133 memory. Up to 3.2 GB/sec of peak bandwidth using PC3200 DIMMs (with DDR400 memory chips). JEDEC Standard. 184 pin DIMM, non-ECC. DIMM Lead pitch: 1.27 mm. 2.5 Volts. SSTL-2 I/O Interface. SPD Support. Support for Memory Chip Stacking.

Hope somebody can help...