Classic Issue: 2 new stick, only 1 works and only with old

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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Satellite Pro M40 PSM46C-CZ10XE

I ordered 2GB kit OCZ26672048VSO-K

I disregarded the warnings thinking it will obiously downclock the memory from 667 to 533. WRONG

The stick do not work individually or together as a pair, only whilst the old one is still in.

This clearly indicated to me the computer bios is too stupid to automatically try and downclock the ram to motherboard specs. All it does is reference the lowest performing stick and adjust the higher one to its specs.

I have Phoenix Bios Editor Pro, but I of course can't make sense of all the code and hex, as all the options are locked.

Is there anyone has knowledge of Phoenix Bios that could help me find where I can force the right memory speed?
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Return the memory and buy either certified memory (may be expensive) or good quality RAM. OCZ is neither of the two. ... it1=Search
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