Confused with RAM upgrade and BIOS

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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My PC has Award BIOS V4.51PG with a Procomp motherboard B683. The information I get at boot is

B683 Ver1.3, July, 22, 1998


I have learned a lot of new information this evening, but am still somewhat confused. I had (2) 64MB DIMMS where they both had 8 chips on one side of the RAM stick. I bought (2) new 128MB DIMMs from Kingston (KVR133X64C3/128), but the new chips are only being recognized as 64MB. The new RAM sticks only have 4 chips and are also only on one side of the RAM stick. The Kingston site says to try to upgrade BIOS, but the information I see on this site also talks about single and double sided RAM sticks. Also, the RAM density information isn't completely making sense to me. Maybe it's just too late tonight?
Can anyone lend me a hand here? If I need to upgrade BIOS, I will try it. However; the Procomp website lists a few different versions of BIOS (1MB and 2MB)? How do I know which I should use?
Bottom line, I'm thinking the BIOS might do the trick since it looks to me like I have single sided DIMMs with both the old and new RAM I have.
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Bottom line: the Intel i440BX chipset can only handle so many address lines per RAM chip, and squeezing 128 Mbytes into 4 chips is more address lines per RAM chip than the i440BX can handle. The fact that your BIOS will handle 64Mbyte DIMMs with 4 chips on suggests it will support 128 Mbyte DIMMs if they have 8 chips on, and possibly even 256 Mbyte DIMMs if they have 16 chips on. Get those DIMMs swapped :)
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