Having Trouble upgrading sdram

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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HP Pavillion 7840
Trigem motherboard i810E
Processor front side bus speed 133/100/66MHz
Originally came with 2 64Meg/100MHz Dimms

I tried to replace the 64M dimms with a single 256M/133Mhz SDRAM from Kingston. The board will not recognize the ram.
Could a BIOS update possibly help in this situation and does the processor front side bus speed indicate that I should be able to run the 133MHz SDRAM???

Please, any help would be appreciated.
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According to the Intel i810e datasheet it will support double sided 256Mb DIMMs (128 Mbit technology) but not single sided (256Mbit technology). Can you get them swapped for DIMMS with 8 chips/side?
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