11/25/96 i430VX-W877-2A59GD4FC-00

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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I have a problem with my motherboard. First of all I don't know if it's a chipset limitation or it's the bios because it doesn't recognize 64MB ram. I also have 16MB of edo (i think? 72 pin mem). I've tried to make all combinations but the best i can get is 24 MB.

The computer description is:
Intel Triton VX chipset (Socket 7 based m/b)
11/25/96 i430VX-W877-2A59GD4FC-00: Crusader C586VX Rev C+ or DFI G586IPV Rev. C+

wimsbios report:
Computer ID : FC, SubTyp: 01, BIOS-Level: 0
Rechnertyp : AT-3, Konfigurationsbyte $70
Maustreiber : Microsoft kompatibel, Version: 08.30
Maustyp : Serielle Maus auf IRQ4
Hauptspeicher : 640 KB, davon verfügbar : 640 KB
Extended Memory : 14336 KB
BIOS Datum : 11/25/96
PCI-BIOS gefunden : Version 02.10, 32-Bit-PCI-BIOS Revisin:0
PCI-Busse : 1, Konfig-Mech.: 1, Special-Cycle-Mech.: 1
Award BIOS gefunden : Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
Award ID-String : 11/25/96-i430VX-W877-2A59GD4FC-00
Board/BIOS-Version :
URL : http://www.dfiusa.com
Chipset : i430VX-W877 //Intel Triton-VX
INT-13h BIOS Extension: ja, Version:1.x, Fknt 41..48 unterstützt
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Should be the DFI G586IPV - please verify with printing onto your motherboard - model number and revision number is important
The i430Vx chipset has limitations in using SDRAM - please read the wimsbios main page FAQ (not the Forum FAQ here)
With EDO you need 2 identical memory sticks
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I'd agree...it's probably the DFI. If you need support for a <64GB HD, the BIOS was just patched before the boom-boom :-( See AJZ for that.

i430VX will take 128MB EDO SIMM (4-32MB) or a 16-chip, 32MB DIMM (don't know how many slots you have available). AJZ showed me a picture once of a double-height, 32-chip 64MB DIMM he has...

Don't mix...use one memory type or the other...
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