Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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#52885 by Lt.Cmdr.Ivan
Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:53 pm

I have a problem.

I replaced the Ram chips on the Mitac 7521+.

Originally it had only 128 MB of Ram soldered on the board. I replaced the original Memory modules (Hynix HY57V281620A) with larger ones (Infineon HYB 39S256160CT-7.5) from a new SDRam SOdimm Module that had the same pinout and voltage.

Now while the board runs perfectly (I already have tested the ram modules on board with the Memtest86+ programm and there were no errors) i have a small problem.

The board only detects half of the ram which means i am still stuck with 128 MB onboard ram.

Is there anyone out there who can give me advice on how to modify the bios (its a phoenix bios) to check for 256 instead of 128 MB onboard ram, or can tell me if there is a chip (the small inline configuration chip on the sodimm modules) i need to exchange to get the full ram working?

thank you very much for your help