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#46631 by bgiversen
Wed Nov 07, 2007 1:44 pm
I have an Elonex Exentia Gold with 2 x 512 non-ECC stick that works fine. Bios is MY86510J.86A.1056.P04.0503181008 dated 20/8/03.

I have tried 3 pairs of 1GB sticks and while they all work, with both sticks in, the PC is 50 (literally) times slower than with 1GB. Each stick works on its own in either slot but with both in, painfully slow. I've analyzed the PC with Sandra and it recommends ECC ram but both non-ECC and ECC works as described above.

The Elonex Gold is identical to the Gateway 610xl. Elonex went bust so I no longer have access to BIOS and driver downloads. Gateway have a Bios dated (released) March 2004 but when trying to flash it, I get a message saying this bios is older than the installed bios. The Gateway bios is MY86510J.15A.0040.P03 dated 3/24/2004. P03 makes me think its an earlier version but maybe not.

Two questions:

1. Is there a known (bios or other) reason for the slow performance with 2 x 1GB RAM installed.

2. Can I back up the existing Bios so I can try the Gateway one?

The Elonex runs Vista Home Premium.

Any help is appreciated.