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Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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I have read the recent post about the older chipsets (Mine is the i440bx) needing the double sided ram. I am having the just the opposite problem. I had 128mgs of ram on one single sided dimm (8 chips). I just purchased another 128mgs that is double sided (16 chips). The system recognizes the ram when it does the ram count up, but as soon as I get a bit further in the boot process I get the BSOD.

The second problem...I purchased another dimm module which is single sided with 4 chips. The system boots fine with this dimm, but it only recognizes 64mgs instead of 128.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem with either of these are?? I would greatly appreciate any help.

System details:
Motherboard - Soyo 6BA+ IV
Chipset - i440bx
OS - Windows XP Professional
Award BIOS flashed with latest update I can find

Thanks very much
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Single sided 128MB module with only 4 chips - that's the same problem as single sided 256MB module with 8 chips - too high density for one chip. The 16-chip 128MB module might be simply bad or the BIOS can't handle it properly. Test it separately using Gold Memory
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