Tech saavy, not hardware saavy... RAM BIOS settings screwy??

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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Ok, I'm going a little crazy here. I never liked video games but I found World of Warcraft and I got addicted, I bought a used motherboard off of my brother using my old SDRAM but it kept crashing, so I bought a stick of 512 DDR PC-400 ram, it doesnt crash anymore but its still very laggy from my end.

Well, I messed around in the bios and changed the speed from 100/100 to 133/166 and a bunch of other settings and the screen goes blank and the computer restarts, then I kept messing around with this and that and it would run SUPER fast, no lag at all, but crash pretty quickly. I currently just have it set to the "Best Performance" settings My question is... what settings could I semi-safely change to get this thing running a little better? I have Everest installed so if seeing that would help at all let me know. Here are some of my settings, if you need to know or want to see anything else let me know. Please help, I hate the idea of having a $71 3 inch chip in there that isnt being utilized properly. Thank you in advance, Joe.

Field Value
Physical Memory
Total 511 MB
Used 127 MB
Free 383 MB
Utilization 25 %

Field Value
@ 133 MHz 2.0-2-2-6 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)

Field Value
North Bridge Properties
North Bridge SiS 645DX
In-Order Queue Depth 12

Memory Timings
CAS Latency (CL) 2.5T
RAS To CAS Delay (tRCD) 3T
RAS Precharge (tRP) 3T
RAS Active Time (tRAS) 6T
Row Cycle Time (tRC) 10T
RAS To RAS Delay (tRRD) 2T
Write Recovery Time (tWR) 2T

Memory Slots
DRAM Slot #1 512 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)

AGP Controller
AGP Version 2.00
AGP Status Enabled
AGP Device ATI Radeon 9500 (R300)
AGP Aperture Size 64 MB
Supported AGP Speeds 1x, 2x, 4x
Current AGP Speed 4x
Fast-Write Not Supported
Side Band Addressing Supported, Enabled

Chipset Manufacturer
Company Name Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation
Product Information
Driver Download

Field Value
CPU Properties
CPU Type Intel Celeron 4A, 2000 MHz (20 x 100)
CPU Alias Northwood-128
CPU Stepping C1
Instruction Set x86, MMX, SSE, SSE2
Original Clock 2000 MHz
Engineering Sample No
L1 Trace Cache 12K Instructions
L1 Data Cache 8 KB
L2 Cache 128 KB (On-Die, ECC, ATC, Full-Speed)

CPU Physical Info
Package Type 478 Pin uPGA
Package Size 3.50 cm x 3.50 cm
Transistors 55 million
Process Technology 6M, 0.13 um, CMOS, Cu, Low-K
Die Size 131 mm2
Core Voltage 1.525 V
I/O Voltage 1.525 V
Typical Power 52.8 - 68.4 W (depending on clock speed)
Maximum Power 67 - 87 W (depending on clock speed)

CPU Manufacturer
Company Name Intel Corporation
Product Information

CPU Utilization
CPU #1 13 %
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sorry, forgot the motherboard settings

Field Value
Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 62-0822-001131-00101111-040201-SiS64X$P4S5ADX_P4S5A/DX+ Release 08/22/2002
Motherboard Name ECS P4S5A/DX+

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 100 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 400 MHz
Bandwidth 3200 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type SiS MuTIOL
Bus Width 16-bit

Motherboard Physical Info
CPU Sockets/Slots 1
Expansion Slots 5 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 AMR
Integrated Devices Audio
Form Factor ATX
Motherboard Size 240 mm x 300 mm
Motherboard Chipset SiS645DX

Motherboard Manufacturer
Company Name Elitegroup Computer Systems
Product Information ... tegoryID=1
BIOS Download ... tegoryid=1
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Using 133/166 you overclocked your CPU from 2.0GHz to 2.6GHz. Either the CPU is not capable to operate at this speed or Cooling/Power supply is not sufficient.
Without overclocking you should use 100/133 (or 100/166 if possible) FSB/memclock.

Your CPU will never be a good choice for games but it depends on a good 3D Graphics card, too.
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well I have a ATI Radeo 9500 128mb DDR card, and I just bought the cheap Aduigy sound card for 30 bucks, I am looking into buying a 2.4 P4 next paycheck to top it off, does this sound like a good setup?
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playing games with calculator is never good idea ;) but so far, all 4004 based cpu's works.
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