Which RAM and which size: VXPro+-USB-Ultr-2A5LDH09C-00

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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Hi, I have the problem, that I want to get some new RAM memory for my motherboard.
Now I want to know, how many RAM I can use on this board maximum. And which RAM I can use.
The pre operating system page, which is showing the hardware and the pci devices in your computer,
before you are starting detect 2 Rams (they are EDO RAM) and I have got 6 devices for the
RAM with the 2 EDO RAM there are only 4. Please help, and say which RAM I can use, because
there are EDO, DDR and others. And which is the Best?
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Check out the Skinned Knuckles Workshop for PC-Chips M537DMA and similar VXPro+ mobos.
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Big thanks for this useful link. But are there some other pages on the net about this topic. For
example in German. But post all links, that you know, it would help me to get the right RAM
and to overclock my processor.

cu, gb
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if you have a PCChips M537DMA33, then you can run up to two PC133 256MB SDRAM DIMMs (after updating the bios of course). but i have had stability probs with this type of DIMMs, so I recommend you to use, as a maximum, PC100 128MB SDRAM DIMMs...
hope this helps...


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Maximum suported RAM is a 256MB stick doublesided with 16 memory chips(16x8 Organisation if I remeber correct) - seems with latest Bios it's the same limitation as Intel 440BX has .
Cacheable Limit of the OnBoard L2-cache is 128MB - all above memory is not cached via the L2-Cache resulting in lower overall performance (but better than swapping from HDD).
Use either 4x EDO or 2x SDRAM but don't mix these types - with SDRAM make sure the 3.3V/5V setting is on 3.3V !!
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