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#51908 by dontneednobiosbattery
Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:14 am
Always loved your stuff, so how about working with the firmware of other hardware such as cdrom. The internet search engines are now filled with fluff, and somewhere in that someone wrote a program to backup your burner rom's firmware. Simple to find is for a paticular brand.

Can you assist by writing one which does brands abc, and another if needed for others? Across all hardware would be Sweet!

Wish I could download your bios scan for offline machines and use some included feature on a online machine to your server to transcribe result.

Was this an old url for your site, sounds familur:
link for
See this section of Wim's BIOS FAQ
on ... shDead.htm

When discharging, you recommend shorting battery lines. I've noticed often an unplugged machine with removed cmos battery will discharge when hit power on button. Is this not recommended?

I must find your boot block failure info. When I ran into boot block failure, if same wording, I applied switches in the flash dos command to force a full write to the full boot block. I found that when the flash indicator failed to indicate wrote to all the blocks, the problem in windows remained. Succede with a full rewrite of only motherbd bios update available and windows was fine until something strange occured only while online. :twisted: :evil: