BIOS for nVidia 5x00 FX PCI series?

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I have a generic (it's a name brand card but has the generic nVidia BIOS) 256 meg PCI GeForce 5500 FX card.

I'm wondering if there's a newer BIOS?

I replaced a PNY 128 meg PCI GeForce 5200 FX that would not return the desktop to 1440x900 after quitting fullscreen games that use lower resolutions.

The 5500 does return the resolution setting properly, but for *some* of the games the Envision H193Wk 19" widescreen LCD bounces a box around claiming "Input not supported". It bloody well was with the 5200! And it's showing the game- which if the mode really wasn't supported it'd be displaying a black screen.

Envision has no .inf for this monitor so I have it as Plug and Play monitor.

Of course I have all the latest drivers, (nVidia released a new ForceWare version May 16, 2008- for the FX 5100 through the 9800 GX2), motherboard BIOS, even the DVD and CD burners' firmware is the latest.

Running XP Pro SP3 slipstreamed CLEAN INSTALL. That's where the problems began, the 5200 card worked 100% perfectly fine with a several years old, moved from a completely different PC, virus infested and cleaned, umpteen programs installed and removed install of XP SP2.

A clean install is supposed to FIX THINGS, right? Only after I started from a bare drive did the video problems begin. I think it may have something to do with SP3's shiny new ability to have intel's onboard graphics co-exist with PCI videocards instead of how SP2 insisted the onboard video had to be disabled.
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