Microcode signature, and table length for 0F41

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Hope this is the right place and I get it right first time.

I need to find the block of code for a microcode module in a bios. patch a update over it and re-burn it to a notebook. My current bios will go to 0F41, but I need to get it to 0F49. My first thought since I will never need 0F41 is to replace that block with the 0F49 ( I think their both 5072 bytes?). I have already successfully hacked the bios program to recognize the CPU and allow it's running (Its a dell). Now I just need to get an example of the first string of code unique to 0F41 and 0F49 respectively so I can extract the blocks and swap them. Thanks

btw I have all the tools, just need a bit of help on recognizing the blocks of code that comprise the individual microcode updates..
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