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I own a controller card for a logic analyzer made by Tektronix (actually by RadiSys for Tek). This old board made back around
'96 or so uses a Phoenix Bios ver 4.05 and will only support an LCD panel that has a resolution of 640x480. The embedded cirrus logic controller (7543) *will* support 800x600 but the bios/windows driver will not allow it to be set.

I want to patch the bios (if possible) to force the ability to set the resolution to800x600.
Is this a BIOS patch or a driver (.sys) patch?

What tools are available for modifying this vintage BIOS?
Did this vintage bios support 'boot block' recovery protection (I would guess not)?
Is the .ROM file the actual binary image of the bios chip?
What is an .WPH file?

I've tried using some of the common tools, CBrom and Phoenix Bios editor and cannot make either of
them work. I am desperately in need of some guidance as to how and proceed. If someone would be
kind enough to point me to some tools and documentation, it would be appreciated.

Thanks and I am looking forward to any help you can offer.
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Well in order to set windows for a higher resolution you need to load a driver. What version of windows are you using AND are you using a monitor that can actually produce 800x600?

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