Jumper Setting for ASUS A7V133-C via AKT133 Chipset

Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
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Can someone please assist me with the jumper settings for this board, I have a 1800XP chip to coincide with the motherboard, my problem is that when I boot up, on jumper free mode is that once its checked the RAM i get a short beep then it just shuts down, i never get to see anything on the screen, as it never gets a chance to boot up, is this a problem with the motherboard itself? or would the jumper settings have an effect such as this? I played around with the jumper settings and i eventually got the power to stay on, but it never gives the single beep to say everything is ok, instead it just seems to be locked in some sort of loop, never starting my monitor and it doesn't seem to access my hard drive either, ive checked the graphics card and HD in my other machine which both work ok, i have also tried using a different xp chip, to see if that was the problem, but nothing, just the same. I have also tried different ram, graphics card, power supply, HD, heatsink/fan, yet NOTHING. (Yes i am using a 350watt power supply so it is more than adequate to cope with anything).

So if anyone has had similiar problems or know the jumper setting for this motherboard, or have any other suggestions relating to my problem please, please HELP.....................


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Are you sure that board supports the 1800XP out of the box?

I dislike jumper-free mode, myself.

http://www.asus.com/pub/asus/mb/socka/k ... 33-105.pdf
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