Flash Intel OEM D845GRG with an Intel Bios

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This Process is on the FAQ # 24 & copyed below

It don't work for a D845GRG

I can't find the option 'Check for User Flash ROMS' as mention in the FAQ
The bios string is RG84510A 15A 0021 P11 0210160839
15A for Gateway

The files in de intel bios recvery floppy are:

I've try differrent one to with Iflash ver 5.4 or 3.4 & the .bio files, bootable, none bootable etc.

I've try to hex edit the .bio, .bi1. ETC. end change the 86A in the string for 15A & do a normal bios flash I still get error S18 identification error or someting like that.

The bios chip is an intle N82802AB8 A0450274
not supported by uniflash and I don't know any flasher that will flash the multiple files .bio exept intel Iflash
and to help the bios chip is sodered.

Any suggestion will be apresated

English is not my first lang..... so I hope it dose not hurt to bad to read me. :lol: :lol:

-Try this process at your own risk.

-Download the newest BIOS from the Intel site for your motherboard.
-Put the downloaded Intel's flash BIOS on a bootable diskette. (see the -text files in the zip-file on how to do it)
-Go into the BIOS and enable the option 'Check for User Flash ROMS'
-(it's -in SETUP)
-Power down the computer
-Set the BIOS Jumper on the motherboard to RECOVERY
-Insert the bootable diskette you made in step 2 that contains the new BIOS
-Turn on the computer
-It'll now go through the recovery procedure and then load the new BIOS
-from the diskette.
-After that the recovery procedure is completed, power down
-Set the BIOS Jumper back to the normal mode
-Power up
-You should now have the new BIOS installed!

-(Thanks to Anne Munson for sending me this info!)

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