8GB+: Luckytech P6ZX2

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I own a Luckytech P6ZX2 (P2/P3, ATX) motherboard, and it cannot recognize any hard drive larger than 8.4 GB. Since I need a larger HDD, BIOS update has to be done.
Official web site is dead, and I've tried very hard to find a new BIOS for this board, without any success. :(

BIOS ID string is (AWARD BIOS):


Motherboard revision: 1.4

One fellow from Russia sent me a BIOS, but it was for revision 1.7, and it couldn't be flashed (file named: ZX2-C.BIN), and I need something that should be named ZX2-B.BIN (I found the link for the file, but dead link).
I do have BIOS for BX board from the same manufacturer, but don't dare to flash it. :?

Please, if anyone has any info on how to find this file, please reply (I've tried all possible web-sites, RAINBOW, Luckytech mirror on HYWEB, DRIVERSEARCH, and all similar). :?:

Thank you, sorry to waste your time...
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