Undocumented freq/divisor on the IcW W153-F PLL chip

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I have an IcWorks (now Cypress) W153F clock gen on one mobo. There are two clock settings left undefined in the PDF docs I got for this circuit ( in fact for the W153B) - experimentally I found one is (FSB=) 124 MHz, the other one might be 133 ?

Anyways, I lack the lab and HW for making frequency measurements of the generated signals. Measuring the FSB in software is easy, but I cannot find a software only ways to really assert the corresponding PCI and ISA bus speeds - the built-in divisors being unknown :(

Does anyone own one of these circuits and adequate lab equipment who could assert, in particular, what the PCI and ISA freqs are that come with the 124 (and supposed 133) settings on that chip ? Or have updated documentation from former ICW ? Of course I browsed and googled and all without success...

Sorry if this is a bit off topic. Regards,

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