compaq presario BIOS need updating

Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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I have a 40 GIG HD that the compaq 5451 wont reconize. I know the max HD size for BIOS# 2A5IMG09 is 32 GIG. I'm Using windows 2000 pro. Is their a program that I can use from within windows to update the BIOS?
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Compaq Presario 5451 Desktop PC -> ... gory&cc=us&
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26 Jun 2002: A thread on the forum

Well its fixed and flashed! I used GigaBytes GA-5SMM F5 bios revision (newest) and it is working great. The problem was that Compaq's bios for this board is very similar to AMI bios as far as code locations and type of code used. I only flashed the bios without the bootblock leaving Compaq's bootblock still there causing problems. The way the bootblock and bios is written to the EEPROM, I needed to COMPLETLY erase the EEPROM and flash in the whole bios including bootblock. I used Uniflash and a 29C020 PLCC EEPROM from a scrapped MoBo I had. This board is indeed a GA-5SMM but Compaq contracted GIGABYTE to build this board to Compaq's specs so as to be somewhat "unique" and cheaper. The uniqueness is only superficial. The board layout is different but the revision number is the same (1.3 so probably same board "blank" is used for both). It uses the same chipset, I/O controller chip (Compaq's version uses a SiS 6801 where original GigaByte was a ITE 8661.... pin for pin compatible and identical in function in every way), sound chip etc. but uses 1 less ISA slot in the Compaq version, and Compaq uses jumpers instead of DIP switches for FSB, multiplier, etc. (probably cost less to build it this way). Also Compaq's version uses a connector block to connect to the front panel (lights, reset and power switches, etc.) So my advice for users of this Compaq board is to flash whole chip (bootblock and all using Uniflash and use GigaByte GA-5SMM F5 bios revision. You will gain a lot of bios adjustability and increased performance due to the tweaking the Award bios allows. All in all this is a great board!
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