Disable "F8 to Enter Boot Menu" in Award Bios V6.0

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is it possible to modify the Award BIOS V6.00PG so it won't be possible to press F8 an get a bootlist during boot? (ASUS MB A8N SLI Premium).

Background: I disabled all boot devices expect disk an set a BIOS passwort.
So the "normal user" should only boot from disk. But it is still possible to press
F8 during startup and get the bootlist to choose e.g. floppy.


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This crap is unfortunately in many new BIOSes. These "very cool" features actually prevents the boards from being used in any serious applications :x
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You could break the F8 key on the keyboard...though you'd have to make sure that nobody suspects that this is the case... :roll:
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