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Hi everybody! I upgraded my PC with a 256 Mb Video Card, because I wanted to play some games! After the instalation, everything works great! I have only a question: Do I need to go in BIOS and to disable the Video Card from motherboard, and to enable the new installed one? I am confused; some guys told me I don't need to do that because it's a PnP Card, Plug 'n Play; some others said even if is PnP, I still have to enable the new VC,....

Please Help!!

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If everything works great, leave the bios alone.

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Can be useful for an extra monitor in respect to the recommended leave it on :wink:
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you should be okay in leaving it alone unless you are using a PCI (not PCIExpress) card. With PCI with internal and external graphics are typically enabled.

With PCIExpress or AGP, the video gets a dedicated controller and all chipsets will disable the internal graphics.
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