m599 lmr

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Are there any known stability problems with windows (98se+XP) with this board [m599lmr]. Periodically on 98, it will halt the screen or give a blue screen fault with 98. With XP, only the screen halts. The trouble is more frequent with 98. I am using an AMD K-6-2. Despite this board having 100 Mhz bus, it seems slower than a Gateway FMN466C (Celeron 466, 66Mhz bus). This supposedly slower Gateway will run the game Off World Resource Base reasonably well. The PC Chips board will not load the graphic files to run the game after the opening cinematic. Is this the expected performance of this board? {Ram is the same for both, and video (32mb ATI Radeon PCI).}
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yeah can be expected, older technology, lower core speed for the CPU etc. the fault/blue screen might be a memory problem, try memtest86

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