BIOS isn't recognizing serial and mtm numbers

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I purchased Lenovo L340-15IRH gaming laptop recently.

Over time I was experiencing coil whine so I decided to replace the motherboard.
The service replaced the motherboard but the coil whine didn't stop, but that's another story.

The problem is that BIOS is showing me the invalid serial number, invalid product name and model number is also invalid.

Is there any solution to this? I've read some possibilities with the amidedos.exe and other similar programs.

I'm not so familiar with the BIOS and how to inscribe the numbers but I know some basics.

Is anybody capable to help me out? I'd need step by step guide to the solution.

Sorry if I missed the category for the topic.
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The service replaced the motherboard
and should have reset the serial/mtm numbers as well. Contact them for how to fix this.

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