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I have a Compaq Presario. OS Windows XP. I have "accidentally" changed my BIOS whereas now when I reboot, the monitor stays in standby (or off) mode until windows loads thus I am unable to enter BIOS settings. I believe the setting that I changed was "enable VGA". I have searched for several hours to no avail using google and other search engines. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Try clearing cmos if you have the option.... or try this proggie ... 7&lngWId=7
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The program you mentioned won't work. The EU has prevented himself from seeing anything on the screen.

What you've done is disabled the current video card you are using. If its an onboard video card, you need to put a video card into a free ISA/PCI/AGP slot and boot the system that way.
If you already have an add-on video card, you just reenabled the onboard video. Switch it back to the onboard video and work from there.

If you can post the model # of the presario I can look to see where the clear CMOS jumper is aswell.
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