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Not sure if any one can help, but, I have an old AMI bios with an on board video that has stopped working. I have installed a PCI video card that I know works and still I cannot seem to get a display?

Does any one think that I maybe able to rectify this problem by updating the bios, if so how do I do this if I cannot see anything on the screen?

The motherboard has a TX Pro II chipset on it

Would appreciate any help on this matter :?
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I read that as <b>Hell is just around the corner</b> :?

If it's a TXProII motherboard the best place to identify it and get help is probably the PC-Chips Lottery website at

There are a couple of people on the BBS there complaining that they cannot get their Nvidia PCI graphics card to work on their PC-Chips, although the card works OK on other mobos and some other cards work OK in the PC. If that's your situation, it could be a case of "join the club".
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