I have to remove the monitor cable before I can boot

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Hi people, as in the topic. This is really beginning to annoy me now, I have no idea why this happens but since purchasing a new monitor a LG StudioWorks 700s 17 inch. I get this problem whereby I have to unplug the monitor lead, and then re-insert the lead before the machine will boot.

The reason I am posting here is that I have found absolutely nothing doing searches on the internet relating to this problem, except one topic in Google, pointing here. Unfortunately that post no longer exists here so I can't read what that solution was ... if there was one.

In short, please offer a solution if you can, thanks.

My motherboard is an Asus K7 with an athlon processor and geforce gfx card. The machine works perfectly once I have got past the boot stage and re-plugged in the monitor !
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It may be connected with StandBy or Sleeping modes?
Try to disable ACPI in the BIOS setup. Note that this may be need to reinstall Windows.
First you should to set in COntrol Panel/Power Management/ Display in NEVER position.
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Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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