Tornado GeForce 4 MX probz

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Hi =) i have recently bought a Tornado Geforce 4 MX video card and can not get it to work.

My problem is that i have been running on board graphics and everytime i think i have the card going, i go back and check which device its using and it has always reset back to the onboard graphics...531x on SiS 630/730(after Reboot) :(

Does ne1 know how i can get rid ov the onboard graphics so it just go's straight to my new card? im itchin to play on Never Winter Nights but this is startin to get on ma titz=/

Plz Help..
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What's your mainboard ?
Search for a Bios option to make your PCI Card the primary display .
Is there an option to disable OnBoard VGA ? > Check manual !
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I had the same chipset as you do, mine was in a Jetway 830CF
From past experience of this chipset (2 of my mates also have this chipset) is that I doesn't like modern cards without a bios flash. I was lukcy, there was a boot from AGP card option in my bios, bu the other weren't the setting did nothing until they updated their bios.
More experienced of you might say it was the motherboard so I may well be wrong. Problably wasn't much help, but on the off chance....
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