VIA 694X (VIA Apollo Pro 133A) : AGP 4X problem

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Hi guys,

Im having some instablility with my 4x AGP card on my motherboard which is based on VIA 694X (VIA Apollo Pro 133A).

The chipset was manufactured with the intent of being able to run 4x and 2x AGP and therefore was marketed as such.
But turned out, it is having problems when running 4x.

I went to FAQ section of my motherboard website, which says that this VIA chipset is having instability when running at 4X mode and therefore some modern 4X card driver such as from NVIDIA when detecting this chipset would assign 2x instead of 4x.

This really sucks as I am unable to fully utilize my 4X AGP card. I had thought I have a 4x slot and a 4x card, now I have a problematic 4x slot running at 2x and a 4x card.
What should I do?
Any patch? Any suggestion?
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Have you tried latest motherboard Bios and VIA 4in1 drivers ?
AGP4x gives nearly no performance increase over AGP2x so running an AGP4x or AGP8x card as AGP2x is no performance problem
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