Well... I need a firmware upgrade???

Video, SCSI, modem, CDROM/CDR/CDRW, etc.
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i buy a us-robotics v.92 modem, but when I connect it to motherboard not recognizes it... i check in the device manager and it does not appear a conflict in the hardware... it is as if it had not connected nothing...

it probe with a friend and if it recognizes it... I think that it can be motherboard but i don't know if i need to update the BIOS

my motherboard is a a-trend ata-v962-SX1, my OS Win XP, PIII 866mhz, 128 MB RAM, video in AGP slot, audio in a PCI slot...

any suggestion?

sorry for the english i'm from mexico
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Is CMOS set for PnP OS ?
Does an additional device show up on the list of devices at POST ?
Did you set CMOS to allow configuration update ?
Have you tried it in different PCI slots ?
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