Messed up MS 6154

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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The story.My b/i/law was doing something with ghost after installing a
second drive.Something went wrong
with this operation and pc would not work.He thought the problem was related
to the BIOS which
someone(who knew what he WAS doing) updated for him 2 weeks before,so he
removed the new chip and reinserted the old chip.Alas nothing worked.At this
stage he reinserted the update again but nothing
working and cannot even access the CMOS settings.I know he is an idiot for
messing with things he didnt understand but he just went out and bought a
new system.Final result is he gave the pc to me and told
me to fix it for the kids.I can overcome most pc problems but never have
messed with the bios which is where I feel I must start.Any help much
appreciated.When the pc is now switched on it shows to lines on top saying
the type of pc but nothing else.It sees nothing.

P.S I,m getting him some Lego for Xmas.

Bios original was award 4.51.I have upgrade floppy but cannot use
start up disk-nothing happens.
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Checked for bent legs on the BIOS chip ? You may have to remove it (carefully) to check.
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Finally got around to having a look at this pc last night and found
2 pins bent on bios chip.Repaired and reset the bios .That part is ok but could not reload XP.Finally stuck in win 98 disk and after format everything seems ok.Will try Xp later.
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