How do I reset Aspire E5-571G Insyde BIOS supervisor password?

Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
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Greetings people of the wimsbios!

Problem: BIOS supervisor password that is forgotten.

Manufacturer: Acer
Model: Aspire E5-571G
Architecture: 64 bit
OS: Win 10
Motherboard: Acer EA50_HB(U3E1)

BIOS.ver: Insyde Corp.V1.32, 15.09.2015(latest)
SKU: Aspire E5-571G_0867_V1.32
SMBIOS.ver: 2.8

Experience with BIOS: Close to zero.

What I have done so far:
1) Entering password 3 times, getting a code and putting it into online generators
(50648485 → 45720401)

2) Downloading Acer Empowering Technology+Acer eSettings Management for password drop
(Deprecated software last developed for win XP that obviously didn’t work on win 10)

3) Trying to boot USB with clnpnwd(boot menu on F12 or del is disabled in BIOS it seems), also tried to remove the HDD to force USB boot but ended up with “No boot device”

4) Disassembling the whole device to see a soldered CMOS battery at the very bottom knowing that
a) I don’t have much experience soldering(Though do have knowledgeable neighbour)
b) Reset might not work in this particular case because of EEPROM.(From what I have read)

Things to try from my head:
1) Acer seems to refuse to assist customers with BIOS password issues(backdoor key) unless you send the laptop to them and pay a $100 fee.(I live in a squat eating freegan stuff with 0$ in my pocket)

2) Swap HDD to another one with clnpnwd on it(No spare HDD atm)

3) Flash some custom BIOS?(pure blind black magic). And I don’t even know if it might help.

4) Bios recovery as stated on the bios mods website in the “Insyde BIOS Recovery” but
a) tools from “paragraph 3” mentioned there do not exist
b) I have BDW.fd and HSW.fd in my bios folder from acer(extracted from temp folder) and it seems only 1 is needed
c) I am not sure it is in any way related to the password issue

5) Reserved for suggestions because so far I am out of ideas but I truly believe it is possible to accomplish without working as a coitus-slave to pay acer.

I would be incredibly grateful for any help provided, thanks in advance!
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1) I think they want proof of purchase as well.

The reason is this: even though you may be a totally honest person trying to make a living, we have no guarantee at all, everybody can be everybody on the internet. As such, we cannot assist with BIOS password issues or any other security circumventive techniques as well. The risk of helping someone to sell a stolen laptop is simply too high.

I hope you can understand our point of view.

Do not assume anything

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