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Dave Owens
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Has anyone any idea what CMOS memory size wrong means?

I have just cleared my CMOS and this was the first thing that greeted me. I only ask since I am having awful trouble getting my PCChips 810 v7.1a M/B to recognise the FSB 266MHz. When I set the BIOS to recognise 1700XP SISoftware Sandra accuses me of overclocking the FSB. My RAM is 256MB PC133.

The M/B should be able to run an Athlon upto 2600 at 266 easily.

Any ideas?
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I remember that message on 486 and older boards with AMI BIOS. This "error" was displayed when the memory size has changed. The soultion was to enter setup, save and exit.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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