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I bought an older system that was a clone and need some help with the bios.
The mother board is a Biostar 8500tac. The BIOS date 100494 mb id 1223 Intel-fx-f.
I found the bios flash and flash utility on the wimbios website and the flash took but afterwards the serial mouse connection (ps2 mouse w/adapter) is not being detected in dos or windows. The bios color settings changed and the worst is, now in dos all backgrounds are black and text is yellow (this includes windows setup and edit window when set to any color). I can't figure out how to change this back to standard. This shading crosses over into windows too, a yellow shading is over everything. The standard teal background is a nasty green.

I found another flash I02bsa29.exe that uses the amiflash and it was better as far as the options on boot order and more auto detection settings but it did not help the color setting issue and then I started getting a FDC Failure and could not get back into windows. I tried to remove the controller and let windows redetect and gave a vbackup error (bsod). I tried different settings in the bios even disabling the fdc controllerwith no floppy installed, no go. I finally had to flash it back to the 0514b.rom.

Thanks in advance
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Just what are you trying to accomplish? IE - Why are you flashing the bios?
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Your color issue sounds like the monitor is missing the blue color now. Check the cables and test your monitor on another system or test another monitor on your system.
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