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i've been trying to speed up my computer without buying a new cpu just yet( I know i'm cheap he,he).Now i've read that changeing the AGP aperture size to half your system's memory in the BIOS will increase gaming performance,but also read that you should leave it @ 32mb or 64mb any suggestions?mine is set @128mb for now.Hard to tell a difference.
my system: P3 866
512mb SDRAM
Gforce3 ti200 (overclocked to the max! runs great!)
p.s. is it true winME can only handle 512mb of ram?:?
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With 512MB ram you can set it at the max.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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AGP setting should be at 64 or 128MB - maybe test with 3DMar or Games .
With a TUV4X you're able tu run Tualatin type CPU - best get a low speeed Tualatin Celeron and overclock it to the max - slowest should be the Celeron 1GHza or 1.1A(1000 or 1100MHz) .
They seem to be great to overclock .
> Sell your P3-866 - you may get more for it as the Celeron costs .

Win9x has sometimes problems with more than 512MB of RAM installed .
> Solution : Edit System.ini > Search [VCache] > Add a Line below [Vcache]:
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