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:( AMD Duron 1300mhz 128mb RAM on a PCchips M810 mobo with American Mebatrends BIOS.

I need help badly! Been having some probs with screen resolutions and colors. Some of the colors seemed to have gone white and when in the properties windows could hardly read the text. Also parts of the windows were missing some of their lines and textures.

Thought it was the monitor, but it checked OK on another PC.

When playing a game the colors looked OK but PC froze after a while and had to swithched off to escape out. On re-boot there were messages about some CMOS memory error and to reload defaults (F5). The machine would not let me reload and stuck at a black screen. Subsequent reboots dont get past the black screen. Can anyone help?
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You might want to check this site out:
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